You can find our frequently asked questions here!  Don't see your question here?  Please email us at hello@pedigreecandleco.com

Q: How often do you donate to the Washington Area Humane Society?

A: We donate 20% of profits from the Helping Paws Collection to the Washington Area Humane Society quarterly.  We share the amount we donate each quarter and at year end on our Instagram and in our email newsletters!


Q: What size room do your candles work best in?

A: Our candles will work best in small to medium size rooms.  We created our candles to specifically put off a great scent throw, but not enough to be too strong like some of the big box stores can.


Q: How long is your processing and shipping time?  I'm excited to get my order!

A: We're excited for you to receive your order too! Orders will be processed in 1-3 business days unless otherwise noted on the home page.  Once your order ships, you'll receive an email with a tracking number.  Once your package is in the mail carrier's hands, I cannot guarantee shipping arrival, be sure to track your package for the most accurate delivery date.


Q: What kind of wax blend do you use?

A: While the candle and melt wax are different, they are both a coconut, soy and palm wax blend.


Q: Why are my wax melts soft?  The melts from Yankee Candle are hard when solidified! 

A: It's okay!  Because of the all natural coconut, soy and palm wax blend we use, it's supposed to be soft!  Once it's solidified, use a spoon to help remove the wax from your warmer.


Q: Can I repurpose my candle jar once I've burned the whole candle?

A: Absolutely!  Use warm water and soap to soak and scrub the remaining 1/2" of wax and wick out, and use for your home!


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Not yet!  We are planning to soon - stay tuned!


Q: I just realized I entered my address incorrectly! What do I do?

A: Please send me an email right away!  I'll adjust your shipping address and cost to make sure your goodies get to you.